Creating Authentic Climbing Cultures

Whether you’re a boutique gym or a 40,000-square-foot-purpose-built-behemoth, we want customers to never forget the time they stepped foot in your facility. We take a holistic approach in facility design and consultation, with the goal of helping our customers create unforgettable spaces. At Vertical Solutions, we specialize in customizing your ideas to create walls and spaces that are unique to your brand and designs that are Never The Same as projects in other towns.

No longer are you limited to outdated, traditional, boxy, panelized faux-rock options. Vertical Solutions constructs durable hardwood walls with incredibly intricate details throughout. With any combination of modular panel designs, unique stains, paints and textured surfaces, all proudly-produced in the USA, we give you full customization to fit your vision.

After building gyms for our sister company, The Front Climbing Club, and working with numerous other clients from Squamish to Boston, we fully understand the challenges and decisions you face because we’ve been there and done that. Vertical Solutions jump-starts businesses with everything needed - from inception to grand opening and beyond - for one, easy-to-manage turn-key solution.

Aesthetic. Authentic. Inspiring.


ARC Walls

The walls that launched our company into the spotlight - Our exclusive three-layer ARC system exhibits beautiful, aesthetic curves, sweeping lines, cathedral-like impact and the incredible durability that Vertical Solutions is known for. This style of indoor climbing wall design will separate you from the competition and make your customers anxious to send new routes as soon as they go up. ARC walls represent the future of climbing gym design, but our expertise is due to our 13-year history delivering stunning examples. Even within those 13 years, every design is one-of-a-kind. Click on our gallery to the left to see what is possible.

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ARC Details
    • Climbing space uninterrupted by abrupt angle changes, allows problems to flow, unhindered by wall features
    • Incredibly unique hardwood aesthetics unparalleled by other wall manufacturers
    • Multi-layered construction technique delivers exceptional rigidity and durability as well as seamless climbing surfaces
    • Engineering that meets or exceeds CWA standards
    • Limitless options using gorgeous and bright Baltic Birch hardwood as the base, and exotic hardwoods for details and accents
    • Textures that are heavily scuff resistant, easily cleaned, durable and available in various grip levels to prevent spinning holds while aiding climbers up the wall
    • Custom staining or paint coatings available: all are ultra-resistant to smears, wear, cracking and delamination
    • T-nut density is fully customizable; our standard density is four t-nuts per square foot
    • Stainless steel bands protect walls and ropes at contact points
    • Easy maintenance to keep the walls fresh at every re-set
    • Two-year warranty on wall and surface finish
  • Our welded structural steel frame is the backbone of our climbing walls. Every inch is engineered to meet or exceed CWA industry standards, so you can feel confident knowing that safety is first priority. The primary components are custom-rolled iron tube and bar, which are actually fit to your space like a custom suit would be to your body. Prior to this stage, we are heavily focused on value engineering for economy; over-engineering is critical to avoid to maintain cost-control. Ultimately, the custom nature of every wall we produce allows more flexibility onsite than our competitors offer. We can execute a wide range of changes in the field so you don’t have to feel locked-in to something you saw on the computer that doesn’t translate well in-person.

  • We use three layers of sheeting material to create the climbing surface, which leads to a wall thickness of at least 1.25”. This method allows for curved design elements and creates a stiff and durable substrate, which won’t flex underuse. The Vertical Solutions multi-layer construction method offers seam rigidity, increased t-nut strength and overall durability you can’t achieve with dual-layer systems offered by competitors.

    Exactly how does our multi-layer system excel over other options? The answer is in a frequent climbing gym occurrence: route setting and additional screw holes. Setters love to put screws in the walls for volumes, holds on holds, etc, and our multiple layers serve to reinforce the wall over time and make it so a screw hole has less of an effect on the structural integrity. A key component of our multi-layer system is the final coating, which is epoxy-based as opposed to the concrete or acrylic coatings that our competitors use. Concrete and acrylic coatings propagate cracks whenever they are compromised (via a screw hole). This means that a screw hole is damaging the wall every time it is placed, because it will continue to expand, flake debris off and propagate. With our multi-layer system final epoxy coating, the walls have the original holes in them, but that's where the damage ends. The epoxy doesn't allow cracks to propagate and form, nor does it flake or sheet off as a textured acrylic or concrete surface would.

  • Immediately noticeable upon entering any climbing gym we have worked on, is how unique and flawless our climbing walls look. One of the many reasons our walls are so stunning is because of our material choice: We design and construct every single layer of our climbing walls out of various forms of wood, from a structural plywood base up to the highly aesthetic hardwoods you see on the surface. We are relentlessly honest about climbing wall materials; we seek out wood’s ability to create a rich, warm and inviting environment, as well as rely on its structural performance. Working solely with various woods, you can’t fake it, and you can’t get away with sloppy work by covering it up with auxiliary textures and slapping some paint on it. Ultimately, how much of the wood’s natural characteristics you display with your wall designs is up to you, and you can choose to exhibit all of its natural beauty and impact, or soften it to match your gym branding by integrating unique stains or paints. One thing is for sure: with wooden walls, be it a curved ARC or geometric MLM design, it will be uniquely yours and unlike any other climbing gym.

    Vertical Solutions wooden climbing walls are undeniably aesthetic and unmistakably American.


MLM: Multi-Layer Modular Walls

Our Multi-Layer Modular geometric panels are a simple and economical way of producing climbing walls while maintaining a major impact on your custom gym aesthetics. While many people use a basic one-layer design to achieve cost-efficiency, Vertical Solutions incorporates two layers of sheeting in this system, resulting in an incredibly stout and durable 1” thick wall. Once assembled on-site, all of the high-end stains, textures and finishes that we use with our premium ARC wall systems are available to our clients. Click over to our gallery and see how our MLM geometric walls differ from our competitor’s offerings.

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MLM Details
    • Flat, geometric-shaped panels
    • Multi-layered construction technique delivers exceptional rigidity and durability as well as seamless climbing surfaces
    • Fast offsite construction using CNC processes
    • Increased cost efficiency
    • Panels can be assembled to create walls of any height, width and angle
    • 1" thick wall: premium 3/4” Baltic Birch & 1/4" hardwood
    • Custom staining, painting, or clear coat textured finishes available: all are ultra-resistant to smears, wear, cracking and delamination
    • Engineering that meets or exceeds CWA standards
    • T-nut density is fully customizable; our standard density is four t-nuts per square foot
    • Stainless steel protective bands: protect walls and ropes at contact points
    • Two-year warranty on wall and surface finish
  • MLM panels consist of triangular or rectangular, flat plywood sheets precision-cut using a CNC machine here at VS headquarters. These can be assembled onsite to create walls of any height, width and angle. Because this system is mostly manufactured offsite at our facility, the result is significantly reduced onsite time which keeps you on-budget and on-schedule.

  • In order to create the ultra-clean and seamless look Vertical Solutions is known for, a final layer of finish sheeting is applied onsite after the geometric walls are assembled with the initial plywood panels. This creates rigidity in the system and a truly seamless product. Vertical Solutions bouldering walls typically receive a shaped top-rail made from solid wood, seamless hardwood trim at panel joints, and the route walls are protected with embedded round steel trim at rope wear points.

  • As with our ARC wall systems, we offer an incredible amount of wall finishes, wall textures and friction compounds. We realize climbing gyms are not a one-size-fit-all solution, so we open it up for you to get exactly what you envision. You can keep it ultra-clean with our Baltic Birch veneer, or add custom colors with paint to match your gym brand, or different stains for hardwood details. As with all Vertical Solutions projects; no two gyms wind up looking the same unless they are both for your brand! You won’t find the same look of your walls, design features or colors, in another climbing gym. We offer a perfect balance of custom work for a price more suited for mass production.


SLM: Single Layer Modular Walls

Our most recently-launched system, Single Layer Modular walls are purposely designed and manufactured to optimize fabrication times, install speed and cost-effectiveness. We’ve taken the classic approach used throughout the industry for decades and improved it in a variety of ways. The result is a system that is versatile enough to meet the needs of demanding projects requiring a lot of custom and authentic work, while still aligning with your business plan that has a very real bottom line to meet. The least expensive of our climbing wall options, the SLM doesn’t leave anything on the table in regards to strength, quality or looks. See why this is below.

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SLM Details
    • Maximum cost efficiency
    • Custom staining, painting or clear coat textured finishes available: all are ultra-resistant to smears, wear, cracking and delamination
    • Flat geometric panels can be assembled to create walls of any height, width and angle
    • Single-layered construction technique delivers exceptional looks, value and installation time
    • Fast offsite manufacturing using CNC processes
    • Plywood: premium 3/4” Baltic Birch
    • Engineering that meets or exceeds CWA standards
    • T-nut density is fully customizable; our standard density is four t-nuts per square foot
    • Stainless steel protective bands: protect walls and ropes at contact points
    • Fast replacement panel fabrication if ever needed
    • Two-year warranty on wall and surface finish
  • Simplicity in construction doesn’t mean a lack of options. The look and feel of your climbing walls require specific attention be paid to the surface colors and finishes, and with the SLM system you can let your imagination run wild. We can provide any customization that your brand needs to make your climbing facility uniquely yours, and never the same as another project found elsewhere. All of the paints, stains, clear coatings and textures available in our other systems are on the menu here as well. If your vision of a climbing gym requires impactful wall colors and designs, but on a fixed budget, then the SLM system is perfectly aligned to your needs.
  • Executing on a perfect result starts with a detailed CAD model and subsequently a precise manufacturing technique. The not-so-well-kept secret to our SLM climbing wall success is our custom-built 5 axis CNC machine which cuts and drills our panels to the exact specification needed for quick assembly onsite, and perfect alignment with our steel structures. Similar to a puzzle, the VS team even CNCs the location and orientation code of every single panel into the system to eliminate onsite issues and confusion. Going the extra mile during manufacturing is what allows us to work incredibly efficient during installation and keep your square-foot pricing as low as possible.


ATP: Adjustable Training Platform

ATP is the industry's first product to truly address the rapid needs of climbers who train hard and often. We've come up with an adjustable wall package that can change angles in seconds via simple push-buttons, accommodate any of your preferred brands of training systems and integrate within your facility via freestanding or fixed installations. We're forging a new age in building climbers, and it all starts with ATP.

Take a look at the product specifications sheet by downloading the document below.

ATP: Product Detail Sheet
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Surface Finishes

Working with our design team to choose the wall textures, colors and finishes you want couldn't be any easier. We offer a wide variety of options for both ARC and MLM applications so you can tailor your walls to your priorities, be it utilizing the wall to solve a problem with high-friction grit additive, providing fewer consequences when falling and brushing the wall with a smooth finish or wanting a smear-resistant coating that keeps walls at their cleanest for as long as possible. This is something exclusive to Vertical Solutions, and all of our surface options offer the following benefits:

  • Heavily scuff-resistant: Our walls are incredibly difficult to scuff, which reduces the amount of time your team will spend cleaning because...
  • Easily cleaned: If you do manage to scuff them, they are the only walls on the market that are easily cleaned with one swipe of the hand.
  • Grippy: We've always had a variety of coatings, but now we've introduced different grit compositions to produce any desired grip level.
  • Restraining: All of our textured coatings keep large holds and volumes from spinning even under the most extreme usage environments.
  • Attractive: Most of our textures are clear to show off the gorgeous hardwood walls, but we can easily stain or paint to match your brand.
  • Durable: Beyond our 5-year warranty on workmanship, our surface coatings themselves carry a full 2-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Concealing: Set screw holes on our multi-layer wooden walls do not induce surface or coating cracks, flakes or continued propagation of either as experienced on competitor's walls.

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Renovation Projects

Case Study: Climbing Wall Renovation with Demo, Design, Fabrication & Installation

Brooklyn Boulders' original location, which opened in 2009, featured home-grown designs and owner-built climbing walls. Since those early days, they have expanded to multiple modern-built facilities with climbing walls designed and manufactured by Vertical Solutions. So when it came time to revamp and renovate over 5000 sq.ft. of rope climbing walls in their original location, they had some non-negotiable requirements that had to be met, and Vertical Solutions was up to the task.

Read the full Case Study by clicking on the link below. It details precisely what can be accomplished when you need to replace climbing walls in your gym, and how fast it can be completed.

Case Study: Brooklyn Boulders Renovations


  • Lance Pinn
    Brooklyn Boulders

    From the inception of Brooklyn Boulders we have always thought bigger than our competitors. Our business model differs from the standard climbing gym offering, and we needed to partner with a team that understood our large, ambitious vision, and could adapt to the challenges presented by working in the most densely populated urban environments out there. We operate multiple gyms in top-10 DMAs, where it’s easy to become background noise, lose the public’s  attention, and generally grow stale. So it was critical that we leveraged our wall builder to always design and deliver something unique to our brand, because our customers expect high-end experiences and environments. Vertical Solutions is the only company that had the meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship to pull it off, in every city.

  • Joe Ortega
    Birmingham Boulders

    When shopping the market for our our newest facility, Birmingham Boulders, it became clear that we would be working with Vertical Solutions again for our second facility, and we couldn't be happier. During construction the VS crew worked tirelessly to make sure every deadline was met, every concern was addressed, and the end product matched our vision. Vertical Solutions provides a climbing wall product that no other company comes close to in innovation, or design. We are excited to have worked with the VS team on First Avenue Rocks and Birmingham Boulders. We look forward to working with them on our future projects as well.

  • Jason Mullins
    The Bloc

    We already owned a rope climbing facility in our city when we decided to pursue a new bouldering gym for our community. We wanted to keep the culture and vibe similar between the two locations, while also giving our customers something completely new they have never seen before; something they could get stoked on. So we took a look around at who was really standing out from the crowd, and Vertical Solutions' body of work really impressed us. They built our bouldering facility and consulted with us on a number of different things in order to keep our customers interested and safe. It could not have worked out any better. I would recommend using them without hesitation based on my experience. 

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This warranty is in effect for two years from the date of installation.


Vertical Solutions warrants to the original Buyer that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, and that our walls will not delaminate and will be free from defects not inherent in the quality required or permitted.


Warranty exclusions are: defects caused by abuse, modifications not executed by Vertical Solutions, improper or insufficient maintenance, improper operation or normal wear and tear from normal usage.