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Multi-Layer Modular Climbing Walls

Climbing wall wood inlay detail

Ease of installation with unmatched quality

Our dual-layer, 1” thick walls are mostly manufactured off-site for quicker and easier installation. After the initial walls are assembled, a final layer of finish sheeting is applied on-site, creating the rigidity and ultra-clean, seamless look we’re known for. Once assembled, all the same high-end stains, textures, and finishes used with our ARC climbing wall systems can be added for a premium look and feel.

Features and Benefits

  • Flat, geometric-shaped panels are unique and inviting.
  • Multi-layered construction provides exceptional rigidity and durability.
  • Ensures walls maintain seamless climbing surfaces.
  • Engineered for fast onsite construction using CNC processes.
  • Features customizable panels to create walls of any height, width, and angle.
  • Combines premium 3/4” Baltic birch and 1/4" hardwood to form a 1” thick wall.
  • Allows for custom staining, painting, or clear coat textured finishes. All are ultra-resistant to smears, wear, cracking and delamination.
  • Engineered to meet or exceed CWA standards.
  • Includes a five-year warranty on wall and surface finish.
Long Beach Rising bouldering gym wall panels

Geometric and Seamless

MLM panels consist of flat surfaces seamlessly joined to create multidimensional, geometric climbing walls. Each surface is precision-cut using a CNC machine at Vertical Solutions’ corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Panels are quickly assembled onsite, and, to create the ultra-clean look Vertical Solutions is known for, a final layer of finish sheeting is installed by our finish carpenters. This dual layer creates a rigid and truly seamless final product.

Vertical Solutions bouldering walls typically receive a hand shaped top-rail. Route walls are protected with hardwood at rope wear points.

Wood diamond indoor rock climbing walls

Highly Customizable

Just like with our premier ARC climbing wall systems, there are endless ways to customize your climbing gym’s MLM walls, including color finishes, hardwoods, and textures.

Keep it ultra-clean with our Baltic birch veneer, add custom colors with paint to match your gym brand, or use different stains for hardwood details.

As with all Vertical Solutions projects, each design is unique, distinguishable, and perfectly tailored to suit your climbing gym’s personality.

Steep Rock Bouldering arched bouldering walls
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