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Aesthetic. Authentic. Inspiring.

Our signature birch walls are not only gorgeous, they’re also incredibly durable and meticulously crafted. Made domestically at our corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, the quality and aesthetic of our walls have earned us a reputation for building the most beautiful climbing walls in North America. Whether you’re looking for a commercial, educational, corporate, or residential wall, we’ll partner with you to completely customize your build. You can select any combination of panel designs, unique stains, paints, and textured surfaces.

ARC WallsARC Walls

Our one-of-a-kind ARC walls represent the future of climbing gym designs and have secured us a place in the industry as expert wall builders. Each of our exclusive three-layer system ARC walls are uniquely designed and engineered to be incredibly sturdy while exhibiting beautiful, sweeping curves.

MLM WallsMLM Walls

Our geometric Multi-Layer Modular (MLM) panels are both unique and economical. With seamless, precision-cut surfaces, these Baltic birch and hardwood climbing walls ensure each space is inviting, aesthetically pleasing, and built to last.

SLM WallsSLM Walls

Single Layer Modular (SLM) walls are purposely designed and manufactured to optimize value and reduce installation times. The least expensive of our climbing wall options, the SLM doesn’t leave anything on the table in terms of strength, quality, or appearance.

Woman adjusting an adjustable training platform (ATP)ATP

At Vertical Solutions, we acknowledge there is a need for products that specifically accommodate climbers who train hard, and often. Our freestanding Adjustable Training Platforms (ATP) can be outfitted with any brand of training system you’d like.

indoor climbing wall installed at a universityUniversity and School Walls

Climbing walls are becoming a staple feature at universities nationwide. Having outfitted multiple college campuses annually, Vertical Solutions is experienced in working with educational institutions to bring the sport of climbing to their students.

Wood climbing wall in private home with rope climbHome and Corporate Walls

From small training installs to massive private walls, Vertical Solutions is eager to work with any space and vision to bring adventure and fitness to your home or workplace.

Indoor rock climbing wall under constructionRenovation Projects

The scope of our design work is not limited to new facilities. We will work with any existing space and infrastructure to renovate and revamp your walls to meet the current state of the art standard.

Sunny climbing wall surface textureSurface Finishes

Working with our design team to choose the wall textures, colors, and finishes you want couldn't be any easier. We offer a wide variety of options for any wall construction type so you can tailor your walls to your preference.

Two-story indoor climbing gym full of peopleProject Galleries

With more than 120 gyms worldwide, Vertical Solutions has designed and built stunning facilities in a variety of styles, venues, and locations. See the full scope of what we can do and how we can help bring your vision to life.

Climbing Business Journal 2021 Wall Builder of the Year Runner UpClimbing Business Journal 2021 Wall Builder of the Year Runner Up

Don't just take it from us

From the inception of Brooklyn Boulders, we have always thought bigger than our competitors. Our business model differs from the standard climbing gym offering, and we needed to partner with a team that understood our large, ambitious vision, and could adapt to the challenges presented by working in the most densely populated urban environments out there. We operate multiple gyms in top-10 DMAs where it's easy to become background noise, lose the public's attention, and generally grow stale. So it was critical that we leveraged our wall builder to always design and deliver something unique to our brand, because our customers expect high-end experiences and environments.

Vertical Solutions is the only company that had the meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship to pull it off, in every city.

Brooklyn Boulders Logo
Lance Pinn
Brooklyn Boulders

When setting out to build a rock climbing gym, it's important to have an experienced team in your corner. As gym owners and Climbers themselves, VS matched our passion for the project, showed patience and shared expertise and professional opinion throughout both the design and build phase. They understood our values and drive to build a gym that would last through the ages and showed integrity from beginning to end. The whole process felt less like a business transaction and more like a collaboration and their help didn't stop at walls. Their team never hesitated to share their experience in community building, management systems and other integral components to building a successful business.

They were professional, on time and very easy to work with. We would recommend them for any project you want to pour your soul into, they will take very good care of it.

Ground Up Climbing logo
Lauren Watson
Ground Up Climbing

The team at Vertical Solutions was integral to our success as a climbing gym. As an owner of multiple businesses, I was confident in our plan and strategy, but I absolutely needed a rock climbing gym designer and builder to execute on time and on budget. Setbacks in our market are extremely hard to recover from. From day one, the VS team was on the same page with me and was incredibly easy to work with. They adapted to everything that they were challenged with and the result was outstanding! Our customers are psyched to be climbing on such beautiful walls, and we have unique hardwood features that really set us apart in their minds.

With the success of this gym, we are considering another and if we pull the trigger, we will be going with Vertical Solutions again.

Steep Rock logo
Michael Cesari
Steep Rock Bouldering

We already owned a rope climbing facility in our city when we decided to pursue a new bouldering gym for our community. We wanted to keep the culture and vibe similar between the two locations, while also giving our customers something completely new they have never seen before; something they could get stoked on. So we took a look around at who was really standing out from the crowd, and Vertical Solutions' body of work really impressed us. They built our bouldering facility and consulted with us on a number of different things in order to keep our customers interested and safe.

It could not have worked out any better. I would recommend using them without hesitation based on my experience.

The Bloc logo
Jason Mullins
The Bloc

When shopping the market for our newest facility, Birmingham Boulders, it became clear that we would be working with Vertical Solutions again for our second facility, and we couldn't be happier. During construction the VS crew worked tirelessly to make sure every deadline was met, every concern was addressed, and the end product matched our vision. Vertical Solutions provides a climbing wall product that no other company comes close to in innovation, or design.

We are excited to have worked with the VS team on First Avenue Rocks and Birmingham Boulders. We look forward to working with them on our future projects as well.

Birmingham Boulders logo
Joe Ortega
Birmingham Boulders

Vertical Solutions helped bring my vision to life. I knew what kind of angles I wanted in my gym, but I did not know the best design/layout that would maximize the available climbing terrain in my space. VS was a great partner in helping navigate that obstacle. They were patient as I changed my mind and reversed my decisions. Our final design was far from the first iteration.

I even drove up to SLC from LA and sat in their offices finalizing the angles of choice and making sure I was happy with every inch of our design. It was a great experience and I’m happy to have met the entire team involved.

Long Beach Rising logo
Grayston Leonard
Long Beach Rising