Habit Climbing, part of the Vertical Solutions team of businesses, is one of the leading manufacturers and online retailers of climbing gym holds and climbing gym supplies. Conceived from the beginning as an integral support service for our climbing gym customers, Habit Climbing offers holds from a variety of brands, bolts and t-nuts, quickdraws, hangers, climbing wall panels, refinishing supplies, climbing gym pads, and gym accessories. We believe that part of your success as an indoor climbing gym owner is reliant on a well-rounded and comprehensive offering from Vertical Solutions. Long after your gym has opened, you can still take advantage of the Vertical Solutions team of businesses by maintaining your indoor climbing gym through a wholesale account with Habit Climbing.


Habit Climbing is owned and operated by rock climbers with decades of experience in climbing, indoor rock gym climbing, bouldering gym ownership and operation, climbing wall design and construction, and climbing hold manufacturing. We share a lifelong passion for climbing, and we’re just as psyched as our customer are on the industry. We know what separates a good gym from an excellent one, and we aim to fast-track your success and profitability by giving you an easy-to-use one-stop shop for everything climbing gym related, so you can focus on building the community your customers deserve.

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