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Proxy Climbing, a Vertical Solutions sister brand, is one of the leading manufacturers and online retailers of climbing gym holds and climbing gym supplies.

From bolts, T-nuts, quickdraws, and hangers, to climbing wall panels, refinishing supplies, climbing floor pads, and gym accessories— we have it all. Long after your gym has opened, Vertical Solutions and Proxy Climbing will be there to support you.

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Climbing ropes available via Proxy Climbing

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Proxy Climbing is owned and operated by rock climbers with decades of experience in climbing, gym ownership and operation, climbing wall design and construction and climbing hold manufacturing. We share a lifelong passion for climbing, and we’re just as psyched as our customers are on the industry.

We know what separates a good gym from an excellent one. Let Proxy Climbing support you so you can focus on fostering the community your customers deserve.

Climbing hardware and other climbing supplies available at Proxy Climbing