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The BLOC Climbing + Fitness

Tucson, AZ

  • ARC
  • Bouldering
  • Autobelay
  • Medium
  • Southwestern
The BLOC indoor rock climbing gym is a 20,000 square foot dedicated bouldering and fitness with 7,000 square feet of climbing walls. The model for this business is pretty unique, because it's actually a sister indoor climbing facility to their dedicated rope-climbing gym located nearby. Already having success with an existing facility allowed them to identify how underserved their market was and craft their vision of how to address the needs of all. So, enter the plan for flowing, curved, custom-stained and expertly manufactured extra tall bouldering walls, complete with a large and intimidatingly-deep cave. The BLOC also aims to transition youths to the joys of indoor rope-climbing too, with a dedicated and adjacent youth climbing area with top-ropes. All in all, the facility is full-featured with a dozen auto-belays, treadwalls, a wide range of cardio and weight equipment, yoga + pilates classes, outfitter and guide service. But make no mistake, you will be wowed by this climbing gym every moment you are lucky enough to spend in it.