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Ground Up Climbing Centre

Ground Up built a well-deserved indoor climbing gym with Vertical Solutions that is every bit as beautiful inside as B.C. is outside. The owners wanted their indoor climbing facility to have a balance focused on rope wall climbing, but their bouldering rock wall couldn’t be lacking in appearance. As a result they dedicated most of the 8,000 sq. ft. wall space to rope rock climbing walls, but the 16 ft. tall & 94 ft. long bouldering wall is a standout not to be taken lightly. At that height and with compound curves throughout, the result is somehow both aesthetically inviting from afar and menacing on the approach. Aesthetics were ultra important to get right in this indoor rock climbing facility, as the Squamish community is used to being wowed by outdoor views, so a number of special paints and finishes were used to keep things unique. A floor plan focusing on the flow of the space between kids programming & beginner rock terrain, advanced wall climbing areas and a specific rock climbing training area for experienced wall climbers, rounds out the strategy that Ground Up executes on perfectly.

A wide angle view of the entire climbing gym facility in Squamish, BC. ARC climbing walls from Vertical Solutions were used throughout the entirety of construction for both bouldering and rope climbing, as well as custom stains for their Black Diamond branding. The whole bouldering wall is visible from this view, and you can see where the origins overhung feature that gently starts at one end.