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CIBA Climbing

CIBA Climbing Gym’s mission is to provide patrons of all ages a fun, controlled climbing gym environment in which to exercise, socialize, and gain new climbing skills. The owners knew they had the community support to justify their vision, as their community is small, but highly focused on climbing. It was important that they not loose sight of the goals, and planned the size of their project and climbing walls appropriately without breaking the bank to accomplish it. They focus on the fundamentals and sharing the joy of climbing with individuals of all ages and skill levels so one main climbing wall area had to suit a mixture of climbing styles. MLM geometric wood walls were the choice with custom branding colors and finishes that matched the rest of the facility for a coordinated approach. CIBA is the result of what happens when you know your market intimately, and deliver everything they are asking for in a dedicated climbing facility. Proof positive that you don’t need an extra large facility to be successful and have a happy clientele.

When CIBA set out to build a dedicated indoor climbing gym community for their small market in Sierra Vista, AZ, they needed to do so with the right project scope and budget. So they decided to have a clean and efficient MLM design and climbing wall construction that incorporated a paint motif complimenting the geometric style as well as the surrounding mountain landscape.