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BKB Boston

Brooklyn Boulders’ (BKB) facilities are the nation’s premier climbing gyms in major metropolitan areas. Two New York City locations, Boston and Chicago, have all had VS design and manufacturing incorporated. Their brand of giving members much more than climbing walls, such as working & collaboration spaces, music/art performances and even TED Talks, has created a culture that resonates with these urban populations. This facility in the ultra up-and-coming Somerville neighborhood specifically features a 40,000 sq. ft. floor plan with 28,000 sq. ft. of climbing, a multitude of training and yoga classes, three oversized community workspaces, as well as multiple lounges.

A good overview of much of the facility, it’s hard to believe that there is plenty more not viewable in this image. Seen here is the famous “tongue”, intimidatingly high rope climbing walls and frighteningly high bouldering walls. This facility literally has room for everyone, and most types of activities beyond climbing like slack-lining, skateboarding and parkour.