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All Rise at Long Beach Rising

Long Beach, CA

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All Rise is a special project aimed at access and inclusivity at Long Beach Rising, a previous success story we had the privilege of building. Designed to accommodate new climbers of all ages, these slab walls are purpose-built to serve kids who receive free access to the gym through local grants and the Long Beach YMCA club. The corner wall features a short roped areas for introduction to climbing, a beginner bouldering area, and durable and comfortable 12” Habit Flooring pads. The wall, which greets climbers as they enter the facility, features digitally printed logos from the main sponsors of the All Rise experimental DEI project, as well as Vertical Solutions.

Across from the entrance, both fixed-angle and adjustable training walls are available for more experienced climbers looking to push their skills off LBR’s main walls. The full collection includes a campus board, a spray wall, and freestanding ATP system with integrated LEDs.

Vertical Solutions is proud to have helped bring the vision of All Rise to life at Long Beach Rising.