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Whatever your dream, this team can build it

The success of Vertical Solutions and our clients is driven by a phenomenal team of inspired professionals. Our passion and creativity provides our company with a set of collective capabilities unrivaled in the industry. With Vertical Solutions as a partner, you are developing long-term, reliable relationships to fuel a successful business. No matter the size of your project, you are treated as a valued partner and member of our team.

Dustin Buckthal, CEO

Dustin Buckthal


John Stack, VP of Operations

John Stack

VP of Operations

Kelly Carter, Director of Employee Development

Kelly Carter

Director of Employee Development

Jaime Garza, Chief Designer

Jaime Garza

Chief Designer

Derek Foote, Special Projects Lead

Derek Foote

Special Projects Lead

Liz Pecknold, Account Manager

Liz Pecknold

Account Manager

James Mobley, Field Foreman

James Mobley

Field Foreman

Aaron Raby, Designer

Aaron Raby


Luis Burgos, Designer

Luis Burgos


Reed Debus-Villaseñor, Designer

Reed Debus-Villaseñor


Johanna McAllister, Designer

Johanna McAllister


Cassidy Wasko, Creative Design Manager

Cassidy Wasko

Creative Design Manager

Madeline Craig, Special Operations Manager

Madeline Craig

Special Operations Manager

Melanie Thompson, Speicial Operations

Melanie Thompson

Speicial Operations

Chandler Vaccaro, Manager of Culture and Corporate Wellness

Chandler Vaccaro

Manager of Culture and Corporate Wellness

Kyle Bates, Holds Production Manager

Kyle Bates

Holds Production Manager

Leif Flor, Software Developer

Leif Flor

Software Developer

Nicholas Metherall, Software Developer

Nicholas Metherall

Software Developer

Trey Hughes

Field Division Manager

Zachary Thorne

Field Foreman

John Kubiak

Field Foreman

Brian Frederickson

Field Foreman

Tara Carter

Junior Accountant

Alex Sample


Andrew Knuth


Ian Moffatt


Jay Joshi

Data Analyst

Mike Chamberlain

Wood + CNC Department Manager

Doug Ayers

Coating Department Manager

Austin Ernst

Holds Production Assistant

Blake Bankhead

Holds Production Assistant

Alma Valerio


Mike Duval


Juan Sanchez


Eric Buckthal

Software Development Lead

Janessa Huppi

Software Developer