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March 9, 2017
Behind the Walls

Generally speaking, it is not that difficult to design and build a functional climbing wall in a space. But it’s a rare thing for a gym owner to have the vison to turn that climbing wall project into a true architectural element. Equally rare, is for that project to utilize the allocated space intelligently to a point where it provides value not only to the user, but also the observer; all while keeping the intended functionality. Such is the case with Michael Cesari’s new Steep Rock Bouldering gym being completed in uptown Manhattan in a gorgeous Columbia University-owned building, designed and built by Vertical Solutions. This climbing gym will be Cesari’s second Steep Rock Bouldering location, to compliment the original Upper East Side Manhattan facility.

The photo set below gives you a rare insider’s look into a climbing wall project that is in that transition period between complex interior architecture, and a structure specifically designed to be functional for end-users. When stripped down to the bare structure without climbing holds, volumes, and witness marks of climbers’ usage, you can really see how the design is meant to compliment the space, produce a certain flow and feel, and ultimately still be rewarding to passers-by outside.

Take a quick look to see what a project with Vertical Solutions looks like in a semi-completed state, before all the lipstick and makeup are applied. One thing is for sure; this project will be a perfect 10 when it’s doors open.