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May 26, 2017
Industry News

Back during the CWA Summit 2016 was the first time I personally met Jake and Kim Crine from Denver, CO. Our team had recently started working with them and immediately I knew that these two were for real. The passion and vision that they shared with us about their climbing project was unparalleled. They were already successful professionals that decided to turn the tables on their careers and dedicate themselves to creating a climbing community full-time.

Fast forward to one year later, and as-expected Jake and Kim are delivering on that promise to themselves and their community with Übergrippen about to open their doors to the public in the coming month. This Indoor Climbing Crag has to be seen to be believed, and the following gallery is our attempt to bring some of that excitement from our Übergrippen Onsite Event during the CWA Summit 2017 to our readers. The CWA Summit is our most important event of the year, and serves to bring existing and potential gym owners together to discuss industry-specific topics and products that make indoor climbing gyms truly great. Vertical Solutions took the time to organize this event to show those attending the show as recent-entrepreneurs what to expect during the process, and how they themselves can transform their vision into a reality just like Jake and Kim did.

Coming up will be video footage and eventually a full-scale gallery of the finished gym which is just around the corner from its grand opening! In addition, we will be sharing more specifics about Jake and Kim's story and how Vertical Solutions helped them through the process to achieve their goals. We couldn't be more proud to be a part of this project, in such an important place to top it all off! So take a look at these in-process photos showcasing Denver's latest climbing crag.