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June 14, 2017
Behind the Walls

Vertical Solutions has been in the business of climbing gym consulting, unofficially, since starting out almost a decade ago as a climbing wall designer and builder. From the very beginning it was imperative to deliver more than expected. While working with clients on their climbing wall projects, it was a natural progression of their working relationships to provide climbing business start-up advice where needed, given their personal experience with owning and operating successful climbing gyms.

Years, and many dozens of commercial climbing gym projects later, Vertical Solutions is providing more expertise than ever for their clients. The latest success story is Übergrippen in Denver, CO. The VS Team worked with Übergrippen owners Jake and Kim Crine for over two years on almost every aspect of their climbing gym business. With their doors about to open in the coming month, a short preview video was produced to give a quick glance into what the owners have created with the help of the VS Team.

About working with Vertical Solutions on this nearly-completed project, Jake Crine commented:

_“We started working with the VS team two years ago and they have been consulting with us at every turn of our project, even past the traditional obligations. They were instrumental in all the necessary big items like building size, wall space, and projected membership etc. But one of our initial focuses was on maximizing profitability with retail sales, and how much supplemental monthly revenue we could generate to justify the increased efforts and purchasing costs. The VS crew worked tightly with us on the design of our retail area, the overall size, the breakdown of product categories to carry, and even all the way through setting up vendor meetings with us at the Outdoor Retailer show to set up accounts. After that, we were really keen to develop an operational model that saw us and our staff being efficiently organized from day one. This meant that they spent a lot of time with us on developing our Standard Operating Procedures, training our staff on all aspects of our business, and even setting up our retail Point of Sale system before our doors were even open. This help was truly priceless and was a no-brainer for us to add on.” _

Keep a look out for a new video when Übergrippen officially opens their doors. To learn more about Übergrippen, head over to their website. To learn more about Business Consulting services from Vertical Solutions, head over to the Consulting page on the website, or email for more info.