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April 12, 2018
Industry News

Longmont Climbing Collective is a perfect example of how dedicated climbing industry pros Mack and Bryan saw an opportunity to go next-level with their community engagement. As owner/operators of Butora USA, they are no stranger to the climbing industry, but their vision wasn't going to stop at shoes. They decided to tap into the wildly underserved Colorado Front Range market, and produce this stunning and ultra well-thought out 13,000 sq.ft. facility with approximately 7,000 sq.ft. of climbing surface. They used freestanding and building-anchored designs, with both ARC and MLM construction, to produce some of the tallest bouldering walls found inside. Not fully satisfied, they also wanted to curate an even more unique experience for their community, and provide the most adjustable climbing wall surface found anywhere in the world, utilizing three VS ATP products and one adjustable Kilter board. As they have mentioned to us previously, they knew pretty early on in their efforts that there was only one company truly capable of tackling and delivering all of these elements. Take a look at this drone video fly through to see how great this project turned out!