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February 15, 2018
Industry News

As commercial climbing gym popularity increases, Vertical Solutions is seeing an equivalent if not higher increase in smaller projects for purposes outside of the for-profit realm. We have always built projects in schools and homes since we started building indoor climbing walls and floors over a decade ago, but it was really limited to hardcore climbing enthusiasts or schools with a heavy focus on outdoor programs. Now however, the inquiries seem to be coming daily from private customers, schools of all types, and corporations looking to attract top-talent with onsite perks. We like to showcase a lot of our bigger and more high profile projects, but take a quick read below to see what other types of projects we specialize in, which often come with more scrupulous details and intricacy.

Home Climbing Walls:

Something that a lot of people dream of but rarely can execute on due to logistics, building a climbing wall in your home doesn't mean you have to struggle with a bunch of plywood in your garage for months. To date we have done dozens of residential climbing walls in client's homes, and we would argue they are the perfect platform to truly showcase our expertise. The days of old, faux-rock or raw plywood versions of home climbing walls are over. Now more than ever, we are creating dedicated and often intricately large climbing wall systems with handcrafted detail work that matches the client's preferred interior design taste. Client's building new homes have the benefit of connecting our in-house design staff with their home architects, and getting the project perfected from the ground up. While we typically like to get involved early on in the construction process of a new home, we realize that this can't always happen. As a result, we have completed a number of retrofit projects as well, where our designers work with and advise the homeowner on what options exist to create or repurpose a space for climbing usage. Either approach still winds up with the same authentic and functional design that The VS Team is well known for. Browse though the galley to get a feel for how we can seamlessly design and build a climbing area in your home to match your home aesthetics and interior design.

School and University Projects :

Another early adopter of climbing walls, educational institutions often look to new sports to expand their facilities and their offerings to their student bodies. Vertical Solutions has worked with many schools, both specialized and not, to build their ideal climbing facilities. There's a ton of use cases that we have built for, such as: climbing training for outdoor programs; beginner walls for gymnasiums with fold-up pads; after school kids programs; and full-service bouldering and top-rope climbing clubs. Most importantly, we build to the rigorous standards required by universities and institutions laid out in their RFP documents. Take a look through the images in the gallery to see what climbing facilities could look like at your school or university program.

Corporate Office Areas:

Something we have seen a lot of lately due to the professional workplace changing to attract and keep young talent, Vertical Solutions has collaborated with many businesses on designing and building efficiently sized but stunning climbing walls for their employees. Often times these projects become focal points of the business' recreational areas, but occasionally they take on an even more intimate branding approach that aligns with their corporate culture. Businesses are looking for more and more reasons to get employees to choose their tribe over someone else's, and once they are there, they do everything they can to retain them and keep them from leaving the office! With that in mind, building a perk program to get them to work out and recreate onsite is key, and lately we have seen an influx of companies wanting to incorporate climbing into this package. Take a look through the gallery to see how we can build climbing wall packages to your exact vision of your company culture.