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Long Beach Rising is Now Open!

Life was going well for Grayston Leonard - he was a route setter at a popular gym ten minutes from his house in L.A. Things were easy, but he saw an opportunity, and took the bold step into gym ownership...

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St. George Gets First Climbing Gym

“St. George doesn’t really have a community center for climbers to meet up or have competitions. We’re looking forward to helping strengthen those ties,” Chris said. “We want people to meet more partners while also giving back to the community through things like conservation efforts. The Front Climbing Club is a great example of community development, and we want to help along those lines, as well.” To help facilitate community connections and encourage visitation, Contact Climbing Gym will offer a yoga studio, strength and conditioning space and machines, a retail store, an outdoor hangout space as well as summer camps, after-school programs, a competitive climbing team, indoor and outdoor clinics and more, in addition to the climbing walls...

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