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Drone Fly-through: Übergrippen

This in-depth fly-through video of Übergrippen in Denver barely does this Indoor Climbing Crag justice. Watch to catch a glimpse of what a finished product from Vertical Solutions looks like.

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Rush Funplex debuts new VS Single Layer Modular Wall System

We've been busy, and our new ultra cost-effective SLM system is partially responsible. We're going to share the details very soon, but in the meantime we thought this photo set and drone video would speak best for us. The latest large-scale SLM project to be completed, The RUSH Funplex received a ton of special treatment, by way embedding UV-reactant coatings on the walls and in the holds to create a unique climbing experience for youths.

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The Front Climbing Club drone fly-through; number 4 in the video series

Indoor climbing doesn't get more impressive than The Front Climbing Club in Salt Lake City. Take a look to see all of the intricate and authentic climbing wall designs incorporated at this facility.

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The Front Climbing Club, Ogden drone video fly-through

Every indoor climbing gym project that Vertical Solutions takes on, has to be unique. We do not make 'climbing gyms in a box', nor do we think that is an authentic approach. So this video fly-through of the Ogden location of The Front Climbing Club will show you how it differs from Salt Lake, while remaining entirely true to the Utah climbing vibe.

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